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Kevin Frank

Because Life Doesn't Come with A Script

Learning & Leading

Creative Collaboration

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Kevin, while in his twenties, initially chose to follow in his father's footsteps. While enjoying much success in business, he realised that he wanted to gain more effective communication skills. He took a class at Second City to make him comfortable in unscripted situations with clients. He soon fell in love with the art form and put his sales career on hold for the next 40 years.

Kevin has always approached his life as an actor, writer, musician or community animator by applying his improv  philosophy of “accept and enrich”. He combined his passions for business and improv and began to deliver corporate training. He built on the correlation between the skills he gained as a salesperson and as a comedic actor on the stage and designed custom workshops addressing the need for those illusive “soft skills”

This unique combination has taken Kevin around the world, teaching and performing. His passport has been stamped in: London, UK, São Paulo, Brazil, Osaka, Japan, Nice, France, Beijing China and 25 cities in the USA.

He engages in his neighbourhood community the same way. Kevin is approaching his 20th year on the board of Taddlewood Heritage Association. Their focus is to continue to inform and educate the community on the history of their neighbourhood’s architecture, horticulture and demographics. Taddlewood is very active in saving heritage buildings, old growth tree canopies and building community spaces.

Whether behind his drum kit, keeping time or delivering a keynote address on Effective Collaboration, Kevin knows that he can rely on his confidence and his communication skills to get the message across. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to share the fundamental skills of improv with groups or individuals to make their lives easier and even more creative.

Stage and screen acting

Improv performance

Writing and producing

Event hosting & entertainment

Improvisation, Communications, Leadership, Collaboration, Story Telling

Personal, professional & team development

Private, public and not for profit sectors

Drums, percussion and vocals

Bands, performances and recordings

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