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Be a better improvisor, communicator, collaborator, manager, leader, citizen!

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My Approach

I have been delivering Improv training for over 35 years.

The list of former students that have gone on to fame and fortune in the Entertainment Industry is impressive. Many more thousands have gone on to successful careers outside of show business. What they all have in common is, everyday, they use fundamental improv tools to succeed.

Developing improv skills is really developing effective communication skills such as active listening, sending and receiving messages, focus and non-verbal communication. Improvisers are very good at supporting others, being creative, solving problems and staying positive.

I create a safe and nurturing environment in which participants can step outside their comfort zone and experience the impact of these new skills.

The key to the success of our improv workshops is they’re FUN! 



For you and your team, in-class or online, designed to meet your needs

Intro to Improv "Drop-In" Workshop

If you’re just not sure studying improv will help you, (trust me it will) then I have a weekly drop-in intro to Improv. It's a 90 minute collaborative intro to the fundamental skills of improv. I am careful to create a brave and nurturing environment where participants can step outside of their comfort zone and not feel judged. You don’t have to be funny or quick witted. The funny will take care of itself. Watch for dates and times soon.

Find out more about about Drop In Workshops

Effective Communication Workshops

I have 20 years of experience using improv exercises to build effective communication skills. We learn to become a better listener, recognize input from others and reserve to need to control the creative process. Whether you’re the CEO or an emerging salesperson, these skills will serve well as tools to get your message across and to better understand obstacles to success. This course is 4 weekly workshops (2 hours in length each)

Find out more about Communication Workshops

Improv in the Classroom

As Artistic Director of the Second City Training Centre, I grew the Education Program during my tenure from 500 visiting students to 10,000 students during a school year. We used improv exercises to support the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum. 

Sign up for this 4-week course (2 hours in length each) and learn some terrific ways to make learning more engaging and fun.

Find out more about Classroom Workshops

Custom Designed Workshops

I have designed and facilitated workshops to learn and apply these skills for individuals and organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectors in Canada, the US, Brazil, the UK, China, and Japan. Workshops can be delivered in-class or on-line and can be custom designed to suit your needs and circumstances.

I look forward to discussing how I can be of service to you and your team.

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Because life doesn't come with a script

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